Planning, studying times and methods, the layout of working plans and checking and generating CNC files are the main activities of the Technical Office.



Technical Office


The Technical Office and the Commercial Office work very closely in the viability analyses of the product and in forming quotes.

The following tools are available:


  • 1 CAD-CAM station for VERO International Software, with modules for solid modelling of the surfaces, study and creation of the press, the generation and simulation of the working itself and the post-processors for the control machines in the company.

  • 1 LANTEK Sistemi CAD-CAM station for the design, nesting, simulation and recording of Laser working.


 The Technical Office also performs the control activities, recalibration and maintenance of the testing equipment. It defines, develops and follows the control procedures, the specification of the products and of the personnel assigned to the controls. It supports the other control functions received in production and at the end.

There is an air-conditioned testing room available with the following equipment:


  • Mitutoyo Apex 760 three-dimensional measuring equipment.

  • Mitutoyo ATK-F1000 Rockwell hardness tester.

  • Mitutoyo SJ-201 surface measurement.

  • Mitutoyo PH 3500 profile projector.

  • Mitutoyo Linear Height 600 height measurement.


Traditional measuring equipment:


  • micrometers

  • gauges

  • pads

  • parallel level sets


We also have at our disposal equipment for analysis with flourescent penetrating liquids and colour contrasting with personnel qualified at the Istituto Italiano della Saldatura. (Italian Institute of Welding).



uff_tec_03.jpg (16871 byte)


Nozzle ring test-run (1°STD) for a 5MW gas turbine.  


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