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prod_24.jpg (13198 byte) prod_11.jpg (19084 byte)
Examples of laser cutting Examples of pressing Examples of mechanical tooling Turbogas nozzles

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prod_10.jpg (15416 byte) prod_01.jpg (20680 byte)
Cooling inserts for turbogas Piping for gas turbine Beehive rig in Avional 14 Accelerator in spherical cast-iron for a  turbogas

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prod_08.jpg (22429 byte) prod_27.jpg (5905 byte)
Piece (cooling insert) EDM equipment for turbogas nozzles Cooling inserts for turbogas Diaphragm for a gas turbine

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prod_03.jpg (25794 byte)

prod_04.jpg (22711 byte) prod_20.jpg (11750 byte)
Control equipment EDM equipment Drawing die for gas turbine piping Preparation for instrumentation of a gas turbine nozzle

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prod_15.jpg (15090 byte) prod_25.jpg (5432 byte)
Viarable-speed screw Gas turbine burner prototype Dual-Fuel burner body Swirl vane

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prod_22.jpg (10536 byte) prod_26.jpg (14000 byte)
Diesel burner body Compressor cases rotational tooling EDM Dual-Fuel burner body for gas turbine Gas burner body

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prod_28.jpg (12083 byte) prod_02.jpg (19915 byte)
Nozzle ring A.P. for a 2MW gas turbine "complete cycle" TIP for a gas burner Matrix for an injection mould EDM equipment


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